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Liya - Updated: 14 May 2007

Clips: Absolutely exclusive full length video of famous russian goddess Liya. Now we give you a unique oportunity to witness her beauty personally watching this movie. She is absolutely perfect from head to toes whatever she does: trample her silent faithful slave, *** him to clean her boots, order to lick her tender toes, ride his back or anything else she has got in her mind of an ancient goddess.
Liya - Updated: 07 May 2007

Pics: No doubt about this blonde lady is one of the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen. Her eyes look right into your soul, grab it with strong perfect ice-cold fingers and pull it out demanding for worship and obedience. Her slave sits at her feet like a faithful dog ready to clean her leather boots, lick divine feet and eat sweaty stokings of his mistress.
Maya - Updated: 04 May 2007

See through platform shoes and thin black body make this pretty lady look brilliant. After a short preliminary whip punishment she will *** the slave give her a full length foot whorship session. From shoes licking through barefoot trampling to final tongue to toes worship.
Maya - Updated: 30 April 2007

Clips: She is irresistably beautiful in that see through body with a leather whip in her hand. Maya will get her feet polished by the slave's tongue tonight. And to make him more enthusiastic and to entertain herself she is gonna ride him and whip his naked butt time after time.
Amanda - Updated: 25 April 2007

Our beloved lady Amanda has put her favourite high-heel boots tonight, guess what for? Right. To give one of her faithful slaves a good ol' heel trampling lesson of good manners. She will mark him with a number of painful blue bruises to give the bastard some attitude!
Tamara - Updated: 20 April 2007

Clips: Her black sandals with sharp high-heels will trample that piece of crap lying under her divine feet into a beef steak. This cruel lady in short black dress wants to see pain on his submissive face and she will torture him to see it for as long as it takes to satisfy her lust for domination and humiliation.
Irina & Katya - Updated: 06 April 2007

Clips: Two girlfriends are gonna have some good time tonight trampling their fleshy slave on the living-room floor. He will feel the pain and moan faintly under sharp heels, hard soles and smooth bare feet of his beloved mistresses. But his cries won't drop even a small remind of mercy into their cruel excieted minds.
Tanya & Inna - Updated: 23 March 2007

Clips: Inna is new to dominating men, but she seems to be really talented. And definitely she has got hell of a good teacher. Tanya will show her tonight how to teach a slave some good manners, how to punish him for bad behavoir and how to greet him for good job. And God help their slave to stand this endless evening...
Amanda - Updated: 21 March 2007

After the first execution is over, Amanda continues her lesson trampling the freak with the sharp steel heels of her boots. He is gonna remember this lesson, cause the bruises on his weak body will make the unworthy servant go limp for a day or two.
Amanda - Updated: 09 March 2007

Clips: Mistress Amanda is damn hard to please. Especially if you have made her wait for you. In that case you're gonna learn what anger is. Terror makes his moves clumsy and the slave suffers under Amanda's angry slaps and swears again and again trying to please her cleaning her boots with tongue and sniffing her dirty stockings.
Amanda - Updated: 07 March 2007

And again Amanda admits all her faithfull admirers to her godlike feet. Gradualy, her stinky white sport socks slip down revealing a couple of tired perfect soles made to lick them all over again and again.
Amanda - Updated: 28 February 2007

Clips: This time Amanda feeds her leashed animal with her dirty sweaty socks. Whe he has sniffed them all over, Mary puts the socks into his mouth, sticks it up with scotch tape and uses his face for a foot-pillow while she is watching TV.
Irina & Kseniya - Updated: 23 February 2007

Clips: Irina and Ksusha give us a hot foot domination session. Lying at their divine feet you know: that's the place where you belong. Strict but generous, girls let you take their shoes off and set their lovely toes free.
Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 07 February 2007

Clips: Boris was waiting for Irina and Ksusha to take them to the beach on his car when he noticed dirty panties on a shelf. Caught up sniffing them and frightened by Irina promising to tell his wife, who is sister of Irina about his fetish, Boris suffers every humiliation girls have in their mind. They give the guy a good lesson making him go through much more than he dreamt of.
Irina & Kseniya - Updated: 31 January 2007

Irina was very upset to see her sister's husband sniffing her panties like a miserable pervert. Caught napping, the guy will do anything to induce Irina not to tell about what she has seen to her sister. And Irina will take advantage of the situation. Together with her friend Ksusha she is gonna have hell of fun on the poor guy.
Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 17 January 2007

Pics: Irina was very upset to see her sister's husband sniffing her panties like a miserable pervert. Caught napping, the guy will do anything to induce Irina not to tell about what she has seen to her sister. And Irina will take advantage of the situation. Together with her friend Ksusha she is gonna have hell of fun on the poor guy.
Amanda - Updated: 10 January 2007

An excieting POV by lady Amanda, her perfect feet, masterful glance and dirty socks. Come closer, guys. Come and taste it.
Tanya & Inna - Updated: 01 January 2007

Pics: While teaching Inna the basics of treating a slave Tanya gets carried away with the process. Excieted and mad, she bruises the dumb servant and laughs at him, while the guy is doing his best to please two pretty ladies serving them and licking their feet.

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