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Larisa - Updated: 17 March 2006

One day Larisa discovers her man being a lazy dumb asshole doing nothing but watching TV all day long. Angry as hell she starts with whipping the freak's ass. We all know what comes next. The bastard must know where he belongs so he is gonna get it all tonight!
Alsu - Updated: 15 March 2006

Time to visit Alsu at home. She looks really cute and innocent smoking on a sofa in front of a TV. But as she takes a lash a gives you a straight glance you realise - she is a lady. And what a pair of feet she has! That's just incredible.
Alsu - Updated: 13 March 2006

In this movie Alsu reveals her nature of a mean bitch in a latex dress. She pierces a fresh tomato with her high-heels and smashes it into a vegetable puree. Then an evil smile appears on her face as she crushes a banana with her bare toes.
Ice - Updated: 10 March 2006

Bad girls like these like pizza boys. In fact, they like to make fun at pizza boys using them for an ashtray. Ice and her girlfriend learn the guy the right way of licking pretty feet lashing him without mercy. Thanx for pizza and... lick them better doggy!
Kristy - Updated: 08 March 2006

Wow! How gorgeous Miss Kristy is when you look at her sitting at her feet resigned and miserable. She is so kind and generous to let you follow her like a pet, lick her shining latex boots, sniff the inside of them and smell her godlike fragrance. And there is no better pleasure then licking her perfect feet following her severe order.
Amanda - Updated: 06 March 2006

The doggy is now allowed to give an oral massage to his Mistress's tired feet. The slave moves his tongue like a dog, sucks her heels and bites her soles very nicely and carefully. After she gives him an order to lick thoroughly between each of her toes Amanda takes a book doesn't pay him attention at all while the slave covers her feet with saliva eager to please his beautiful Mistress.
Iren - Updated: 03 March 2006

Even the top model would be jealous of her long legs! Mistress Iren, whose strict look is quite enough to make your heart beat faster, will demonstrate the charm and beauty of her perfect legs and feet! Her slave is glad to take her shoes off with his teeth.
Margo - Updated: 01 March 2006

Margo and her assistant go down to the dim dungeon cellar. The slave is already waiting for them on his knees looking faithfully. Masterful young ladies sit down on a coach and stick their feet in his unworthy mug letting the creature lick them clean feeling their wonderful taste in his mouth.
Ice - Updated: 27 February 2006

These two hotties are so happy to see each other after a long time being apart. They decided to order some pizza. So they did. However, they had to wait for it an hour and a half! There is no way the pizza boy would getaway the fair punishment for being late and bringing a cold pizza. Though, the girls have shared some wine, they are deadly hungry. The revenge will be so pleasant!!!
Amanda - Updated: 24 February 2006

Some cuties like it hot! Instead of doing shoping or watching TV-shows Amanda spends an evening playing with her slave. A lash, a colar and some fresh fruits smashed with her feet - that's all he gets today.
Anya - Updated: 22 February 2006

Oh! That techguy shouldn?t behave so rude to Miss Anya?Nothing can save him from being punished after she got him bound with scotch on the floor . She will have lots of fun hurting and humiliating that cheeky piece of crap. Looks like the bastard has understood how wrong his behaviour was. Anya seems to enjoy her naughty games.
Ice - Updated: 20 February 2006

Standing on all four in the corner of her room the slave bends his head down and arches his back ready for the cruel whip of Mistress Ice. When the torture is over Ice will walk on his body and step on his face just for final moral pleasure of her own.
Alsu - Updated: 17 February 2006

It's not easy to deserve a honour of massaging her feet. You need to prove you are real expert in it! There is a harsh punishment for those who would fail! She adores her slaves using their tongues to lick and touch her feet. Hold on, there are some other slaves waiting for their turn.
Vika - Updated: 15 February 2006

This time Vika takes her slave to the bedroom to get a full time facesitting session. She is not in mood for long foreplays or any waste of time, so pretty woman just slips out of her panties and fucks her slaves face long and hard. Spreading her thighs and cheeks, making him ***.
Anya - Updated: 13 February 2006

Who wouldn't love to worship this beautiful lady personally. Splendid dom girl Anya gives us a chance to be her faithful slave and we shouldn't miss it. She is gonna smoke a cigarette and chat with her friends as we circle around her lovely feet.
Anna - Updated: 10 February 2006

This guy felt unbelievably lucky when naughy teenage girl Anna invited him to come over. He had just sex in his mind but couldn't resist her strong will and stood on his knees obeying her order. He started with simply kissing her feet but gradualy he got taste for foot worship and became a faithful slave of her. Now he's gonna experience some brutal facesitting.
Anna - Updated: 08 February 2006

Longing for fresh impressions Anna brings her submissive pet to kitchen. So masterful an gracious she sits in black lingerie on a steel bar chair playing with the freak crawling at her feet in disgrace eager to give a kiss to her dusty toes.
Vika&Gelya - Updated: 06 February 2006

Feeling comfortable on the sofa at Vika's living room horny Mistresses place the slave at their heavenly feet. They get ready for that exceptional pleasure they get insulting, hurting and trampling that piece of crap into dust. He gotta work with his tongue really hard to make the girls a little bit merciful.

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