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Alsu - Updated: 03 February 2006

Just imagine how it feels being a slave of Mistress Alsu ready to fulfil any of her wishes! Are you ready? Take a deep breath and feel nice smell of her sexy feet, kiss her toes and lick her smooth and soft soles!
Luda - Updated: 01 February 2006

Having that moisty feeling between her legs Luda wants to rub her pussy on her slave's face. Severe lady leashes him takes her lash and fucks the guys face until she is completely wasted.
Aida - Updated: 30 January 2006

The slave tries his best today serving Aida, filling her glass with champagne. So generous Misstress is gonna feed the fat maggot with grapes and peaches smashed on the floor. And if he will leave the floor clean, Aida will even let him suck her toes thoroughly.
Amanda & Polina - Updated: 27 January 2006

Young and sexy housewifes bored with easy talks and glamour magazines were thinking about how to entertain theirselves when by lucky chance the slave brought some soda to their bed. Attracted by his shy look Amanda pulled the freak towards her feet and he couldn't resist the beautifull Mistresses.
Anna - Updated: 25 January 2006

Longing for fresh impressions Anna brings her submissive pet to kitchen. So masterful an gracious she sits in black lingerie on a steel bar chair playing with the freak crawling at her feet in disgrace eager to give a kiss to her dusty toes.
Anna - Updated: 23 January 2006

This guy felt unbelievably lucky when naughy teenage girl Anna invited him to come over. He had just sex in his mind but couldn't resist her strong will and stood on his knees obeying her order. He started with simply kissing her feet but gradualy he got taste for foot worship and became a faithful slave of her.
Vika - Updated: 20 January 2006

After a long and nice foot worhit and trample foreplay pretty Vika ***s her leashed slave to kiss her legs. Pleased, she lets him go higher to her pussy and sqweezes his head with her hips feeling close orgasm.
Juliya - Updated: 18 January 2006

Bedroom games of gorgeous young lady Juliya seducing her boyfriend for some foot worship. She moans slightly and rolls all over the bed in ecstasy surprised by unknown pleasure while the guy covers her smooth feet with hot wet kisses. They didn't know they were foot worship addicted before!
Ice - Updated: 16 January 2006

Black leather high-heeled boots fit her slender legs perfectly. Ice tramples the guy with those sharp steel heel tips with pleasure leaving deep marks on his soft body. These perfect legs are wonderfully cruel to that human being lying under them.
Terry&Sosok - Updated: 13 January 2006

That rich businessman wanted to have a party with two girls at once this Friday. But Terry and Sosok have a surprise for him. Instead of fucking them he is gonna satisfy these masterful ladies crawling at their feet and working with his tongue.
Vika&Ira - Updated: 11 January 2006

These cute witches are definitely pleased to have that boy completely obedient to their will. They are feeling free to ride the slave with a gag in his mouth, to trample him and laugh lashing that submissive creature by wish.
Nataly&Polina - Updated: 09 January 2006

Two beautiful businesswomen rent a lux in a suburban motel to make their common secret fantasies come true. The girlfriends have accidentally figured out both of them being addicted to dominating males. One of them has called for her employee, dim light, some wine and it's time to start the night of humiliation.

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