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Anna Gold & Irina - Updated: 15 November 2006

Pics: Schooling this one isn't easy, so Irina calls for Anna to help her with it. Anna is here so hard times are coming to the unworthy slave. Huge violett bruise on his ass cheek won't let the servant forget how the beautiful ladies trained him to clean the floor of their spits with his tongue. And his reward - when he was let to jerk off sucking their heavenly toes after the job was done well.
Lisa & Youliya - Updated: 13 November 2006

Pics: After a long walk on the cold streets of November St. Pete Katya and Yuliya are in need of a warm welcome. There's noone else but a slave waiting them back home so he can only count on himself melting his beautiful ladies. Starting to lick their shoes right at the door he is gonna lend them his mouth for an ashtray and be a warm carpet for their cold feet.
Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 06 November 2006

Pics: Ksusha takes her slave out of the wardrobe to make him serve her girlfriend Irina as they are having good time drinking champagne. Severe but generous, young ladies will pay the freak some attention, feed him from the floor and even let the creepy guy touch their lovely feet with his unworthy tongue.
Tamara - Updated: 23 October 2006

Clips: Tamara doesn't use wierd torture tools to torment her slave, she just kicks balls, but she's definitely damn cruel ballbusting Mistress. She punishes the guy without mercy but even such a painful caress from his beautiful lady with a body of Venus gives him a hard on.
Natasha & Sasha - Updated: 11 October 2006

Clips: Feeling bored lazy summer afternoon Natasha and Sasha are looking through a magazine looking for a ponce to call. What has started as a regular ffm threesome suddenly turns into a furious humiliation session. Mad and horny, girlfriends trample the expencive whore-boy and use his tongue and face for their egoistic pleasures.
Irina & Katya - Updated: 09 October 2006

Clips: Irina always looks for a reason to make a slave suffer. And when together with Katya, she goes furious right away. They hurt, humiliate the guy, and *** him to lick their toes in short breaks between tortures. And when the ladies ask him whether he likes it or not, he always says "very". What else can he say?
Jenya & Alice - Updated: 25 September 2006

Clips: Leather handcuffs and short leash will keep the bald sporty guy obedient while Jenya and Alice use their whips and sharp heels on him getting the slave ready for foot worship. These splendid ladies in hot undies look just irresistable playing their cruel games.
Tamara - Updated: 15 September 2006

Pics: Working as a foot slave for such a severe beauty as lady Tamara is hell of an important job. To make the freak more attentive, Tamara makes him suffer for a while twisting his dick and kicking his balls before she lets him lie down to her wonderful feet. Then she can finally relax and enjoy trampling the creature that licks her toes with all its worship for the beautiful Mistress.
Alsu & Elena - Updated: 13 September 2006

Clips: Alsu and Lena were really upset when they saw an old college friend trying to steal their money. The girls didn't hesitate, it took only a few seconds to tie the guy up. Motherfucker is gonna pay hard and try best amusing them if he wants to save his health. At least he won't go to police at any case. And who cares about that old friendship and stuff!
Nataly&Polina - Updated: 08 September 2006

Two beautiful businesswomen rent a lux in a suburban motel to make their common secret fantasies come true. The girlfriends have accidentally figured out both of them being addicted to dominating males. One of them has called for her employee, dim light, some wine and it's time to start the night of humiliation.
Nastya - Updated: 30 August 2006

Clips: Looks like Nastya finds that mature slutty rich man kissing her feet really excieting. As well as her new slave looks completely carried away with the process as he polishes her cute feet moving his tongue like a dog making saliva splash around. They definitely make a good pair together.
Irina & Katya - Updated: 23 August 2006

Pics: Irina and Katya always get straight to the matter. They want it all and they want to get it right now, so their slave is bound to lose this game whatever he does. The freak does his best crawling at their feet and licking their toes like a horny cat, but still suffers their strikes and insults until the cruel ladies turn him over to tie his balls with a thick rope.
Amanda - Updated: 21 August 2006

Clips: An old friend of Amanda’s came to visit her this evening. As she wasn’t going to go out tonight he attempted to take advantage of her loneliness and get straight to fucking her right now. But her reaction was completely unexpected for the horny guy. Awfully mad at that cheeky bastard Amanda lost control and started beating and humiliating the guy who couldn't resist being completely confused.
Alsu - Updated: 16 August 2006

Alsu finds old horny slaves like this one really amusing. She enjoys abusing that fat pig while his family is waiting for him at home at a dinner table. This submissive slave will suffer all of her favorites: trampling, facesitting, *** and much much more than that!
Amanda - Updated: 11 August 2006

Amanda goes to kitchen with a plate of fruits. But instead of putting a banana deep in her mouth she lets it fall on the floor and drawns her bare toes in the soft banana flesh. Mmm? yummy!
Alice & Jenya - Updated: 04 August 2006

Pics: Young ladies Jenya and Alice are fond of fun of a special kind. Mostly, they just throw a guy on the floor and trample him to crap. They are humiliation addicted for a few years, so cruelty is in their blood. Watch these brilliant babes torturing their faithful servant, covering his body with red whip tracks and deep marks of their high heels.
Amanda - Updated: 31 July 2006

Amanda goes to kitchen with a plate of fruits. But instead of putting a banana deep in her mouth she lets it fall on the floor and drawns her bare toes in the soft banana flesh. Mmm? yummy!
Alsu - Updated: 26 July 2006

A unique gallerie of dissolute naughty pics of Mistress Alsu. She takes revealing poses and shamelessly shows all of her beautiful anathomy. Just a masterful women, her precious feet and wet genitals in one hot set!

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