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Amanda - Updated: 24 September 2007

Pics: The long-expected new picture gallery with Amanda the Queen is finally here. And there's no doubt about Amanda won't dissapoint you this time as she is just incapable of it. Divine and splendid, she towers above the naked slave in a lovely black outfit, trampling his miserable flesh with her golden high heeled sandals. She does all her favorites this time - walks all over the slaves body from face to genitals with high-heels on and barefoot, humiliates him and enjoys his sneaky tongue licking her toes and soles tenderly and thoroughly.
Youlya Kohn - Updated: 21 September 2007

Arrogant asian princess has got blood of brutal nomadic forefathers running in her veins, making her so intolerate and cruel. She can not control the instincts so every time she finds a new man, soon he turns out to be too weak and sencitive to resist her powerful will. So all she gets is another faithful slave licking her bare soles feeling hard lashes every time he does wrong doing his foot worship job as his lady is watching TV sitting on a sofa.
Irina - Updated: 14 September 2007

Pics: She is a real fighter and a really strong woman. Goddess can be generous, but the slave gotta deserve that first serving her really well. But that inpatience and selfishness are inadmissible for her slave and they must be payed back with a hard punishment and cruel humiliations. The servant must know where he belongs!
Irina - Updated: 03 September 2007

Clips: Damn it! This video is just beyond compare! Mistress Irina finally shows her real nature and turns to be even more cruel and tough than you can imagine. Looks like she could suppress armies with her anger. But there is only one faithful slave in her apartment. He wanted to attract her attention and he finally has got it. Totally crushed by Irina's vicious power he lies and crawls around dying of terror and admire. Who wouldn't?
Liya - Updated: 20 August 2007

Clips: Almost naked, dressed in a stunning black see-through body, this fair haired angel of domination is damn appealing and adorable, but obviously beyond the reach of a miserable mortal man. Although, when the slave teased by her almost naked body in front of him and her lovely feet in his mouth is almost dead of excietement, Liya will generously jerk him off and let the slave shoot his load on her divine feet.
Alla & Nika - Updated: 15 August 2007

Pics: Two naked slaves is still not enough for furious lady Alla. Willing to divert her favourite friend Nika upset for being left by her boyfriend, Alla stimulates slaves with cruel words and painful lashings so the servants have no choice but to clean ladies boots clean all over with their sneaky tongues.
Alla & Nika - Updated: 10 August 2007

Clips: Alla invited her old friend Nika to come over eager to share with her the new reciept of dealing with unworthy males she had discovered for herself lately. She ordered her slaves to lick red leather boots of mistress Nika clean. First being shocked seeing the two naked guys licking her boots, soon Nika reveals her dominative nature and goes even more severe and demanding than her girlfriend Alla.
Alla - Updated: 06 August 2007

Clips: It was a terrible mistake when this boy agreed to make wishes with Alla. For his innocent wish of a cheek kiss he has payed with fulfilling her wish and becoming her slave for tonight. Naked and obedient after learning the first lessons Alla gave him, the crushed guy can not resist her strong will *** him to become her faithful animal forever.
Alla - Updated: 01 August 2007

Pics: Her beautiful bare feet won't leave the freak alone for a single minute. They will go down deep into his submissive mouth open wide, trample his miserable face and kick his bitchy ass for every misbehaviour again and again until his mistress is completely satisfied and tired of educating the silly bastard.
Irina & Maya - Updated: 25 July 2007

Clips: The lesson will last long and will include corporal punishments but it definitely worth learning it. 'Cause generous mistresses will award the slave with a divine handjob if he finally learns to lick their beautiful feet really well. Just the way the feet of goddesses are to be licked.
Irina & Tamara - Updated: 20 July 2007

Clips: Girlfriends show endless fantasy and extreme cruelty extorting a guy who owes them some money. Brutal execution will last long including facesiting, trampling, penis torments and ***d foot worship until the bastard finally gives the girls the demanded money so they go away leaving him lying naked and wasted on the floor of his apartment.
Irina & Maya - Updated: 13 July 2007

Pics: The girls dedicate this evening to all kinds foot worship: barefoot stokined and shoed, while standing and sitting, diverting theirselves riding the slave and humiliating him. And being always kind to faithful and obedient slaves they grant the guy for the good job with a mistress handjob at the end.
Maya & Lisa - Updated: 04 July 2007

Clips: Strict lady in uniform and her lovely girlfriend in action with a submissive grown up male. Obsessively and severely they take control on the slave and use him for their pleasure. A lash and a whip will be their guaranty of his good behaviour and handjob will be his reward for standing all the facesiting, trampling, humiliating and so on again and again until his mistresses compeletely fulfill their cruel intentions.
Ira & Tamara - Updated: 02 July 2007

What's bitten the girls? They are nothing but angels tonight. Looks like the slave has never been so happy as this time licking lovely feet of Tamara as Irina strokes his hard dick making him cum on his stomach. No pain for the slave tonight, only pleasure and excietement!
Ira & Tamara - Updated: 29 June 2007

Being in a good mood the girlfriend are incredibly kind today. No lashing, facesiting or trampling. They just let the slave lie flat under their bare feet as he licks their beautiful feet and even give him a high-class handjob.
Anna Gold & Anna Pipe - Updated: 22 June 2007

Clips: Signing up a contract giving all his posessions and earnings to his new mistresses this guy actually makes himself property of Anna and Mara. No doubt about the ladies will take advantage of his dependence. They get him naked and throw on the floor to make the guy feel his new position immidiately. And he's gotta be damn good tonight to earn his first handjob.
Irina & Tamara - Updated: 18 June 2007

Pics: That guy thought there is no need to worry about those girls who lent him money three months ago. But he was wrong, he promised to give them back in a month and now Irina and Tamara are coming to take them back with their interest theirselves. The greedy bastard will stand plenty tortures and humiliations before he finally breaks and gives cruel ladies their money.
Maya & Lisa - Updated: 11 June 2007

Pics: A bad cop and the worst cop are on their way to take action against the outlaw scum. A whip and a punishing lash will be their weapons, pain and humiliation will be their method of education. Sniff that ass bastard! Lick feet and suffer under the sharp heels of justice!

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