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Iren - Updated: 29 May 2006

When he is done with licking sexy Mistress Iren's feet she stays over him, takes of her tight jeans and sits right on his face. She enjoys playing this game!
Alsu - Updated: 26 May 2006

Goddess Alsu is the one you could only dream. Her legs are perfect! This is an excellent oportunity for all real foot-fetish experts to feel like holding those feet in hands, caressing and licking them over and over...
Alsu - Updated: 24 May 2006

Everyone dreams to lay in front of Mistress Alsu's feet? her feet are just gorgeous! Even being all dirty her feet remain sexy and beautiful! She is having her wine while the slave cleans up her feet with his tongue. After her feet are alean enough the slave turns to a comfy feetholder!
Lusya - Updated: 19 May 2006

Although Lusiya hates her music lessons, she has to follow her parents? will learning it. But now she had enough of that goddamn music crap! Vicious baby decides to make a brutal show for her music teacher. She makes the geek lie down under the piano, ties him up and makes fun trampling him and making lick her feet! Beautiful furious young lady will cirtanly make the bastard obey her implicitly on the very first lesson.
Amanda - Updated: 17 May 2006

The doggy is now allowed to give an oral massage to his Mistress's tired feet. The slave moves his tongue like a dog, sucks her heels and bites her soles very nicely and carefully. After she gives him an order to lick thoroughly between each of her toes Amanda takes a book and enjoys reading while the slave covers her feet with kisses.
Larisa - Updated: 15 May 2006

Mistress Larisa decided to clean the kitchen. Her slave washes the dishes and wipes the floor under her strict look. She is pretty busy with polishing her nails and giving the oreders to the slave. Slave thinks she doesnt look at him anymore and gets some relaxing. What a mistake! As the result Mistress is slapping him with a dirty rug in his face.
Alsu - Updated: 12 May 2006

This baby is a non-stop turn on, no matter what she does. This time she just fills her glass with champagne and lets you take care of her sexy dirty feet as she rests on a sofa smoking and chatting with her friends.
Yuliya - Updated: 10 May 2006

He came to find a job. She might be his boss in future. He is challenged to impress her. However, he didn't expect it would be such a challenge. He started with cleaning her shoes with his tongue. He have to prove he is strong enough to stand some trampling him lying on the floor. He have to prove he knows how to worship her feet.He needs this job and he will do everything to please her.
Vika - Updated: 08 May 2006

This one will give you a hard on in seconds. Your penis will throb in excitement as you stare at tough tatoed doll Vika making her fleshy colared slave worship her feet, nice and long before he is allowed to give the Mistress an amasing orgasm with his tongue.
Aida - Updated: 05 May 2006

Powerful Mistress Aida is watching you. She expects you to be ready to implement her orders right away and the slave?s tongue is her absolute property! After her shoes and stockings are taken off; her feet are buried in the slave?s mouth!
Nataly - Updated: 03 May 2006

A good chance to try being Nataly's slave yourself. Coming home from work Nataly is very upset with the slave not waiting for her attentively by the door. But what a pleasure is to work for forgiveness licking her heavenly feet, feeling gorgeous smell of her toes.
Alsu - Updated: 01 May 2006

Alsu finds old horny slaves like this one really amusing. She enjoys abusing that fat pig while his family is waiting for him at home at a dinner table. This submissive slave will suffer all of her favorites: trampling, facesitting, *** and much much more than that!
Mariya - Updated: 28 April 2006

That fragile baby packed in leather with a lash in her hand and a cigarette in her lips can make men throb in her hands and crush them with her cute feet. Just imagine yourself sitting at her feet, kissing them, obeying that little girl with love and pleasure.
Amanda - Updated: 24 April 2006

Amanda goes to kitchen with a plate of fruits. But instead of putting a banana deep in her mouth she lets it fall on the floor and drawns her bare toes in the soft banana flesh. Mmm? yummy!
Nastya - Updated: 21 April 2006

The Mistress looks pretty cold at her slave lying in front of feet, treads on his throat and tells him to be absolutely obedient! She sits on his face so he can not breath and pray for mercy. When she is stisfied with his oathetic moanings the slave is going to be permitted to do cunnilingus for his dearly loved Mistress.
Yuliya - Updated: 19 April 2006

Lady boss is *** her potential employee to put his dick out to play with her sexy feet. Afterwards, having her shoes on and put the employee on the floor, she starts to trample him. While making him licking her shoes she tramples his face and his dick.
Natasha&Sasha - Updated: 17 April 2006

Two girls were thinking about a good threesome when they called to a dating service and asked to send them a ponce. But when the guy came the girls realised him being too weak both morally and physically to fuck them well enough. So they dicided rather to fuck him theirselves. Especially his sweet mouth, first with their feet and then with their fat pussy lips.
Vika&Gelya - Updated: 14 April 2006

Feeling comfortable on the sofa at Vika's living room horny Mistresses place the slave at their heavenly feet. They get ready for that exceptional pleasure they get insulting, hurting and trampling that piece of crap into dust. He gotta work with his tongue really hard to make the girls a little bit merciful.

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